Divine Hospice & Palliative Care is a small, privately owned hospice company in Denver Colorado that is trying to carry out a mission close to our hearts. We need donations and volunteers to help reach out and provide care to those that need them the most but do not have the resources available.

  • Address: 10200 E Girard Ave, Suite D-140
    Denver, CO 80231
  • Phone: 1-303-357-2540
  • Email: info@divinehospice.net

Who are we?

Divine Hospice & Palliative Care offers compassionate care to those who face end of life illness while affirming the dignity and sanctity of human life.

We believe that exceptional end-of-life care can only happen when highly trained, experienced professionals are dedicated to listening to patients and their families, focused on respecting their ideas, and committed to making a difference.

Whether the need is for medical services, guidance on ethical or faith decisions, or simply finding an open door where others were closed, Divine Hospice & Palliative Care is here to help in a distinctively faith-based manner.

Medical Services Physicians, RN, and staff are not only dedicated to the highest standards of medical care but also remain morally focused. Chaplains assist in preparation for everlasting life in a respectful spiritual manner, no matter where the care receiver is on the spiritual path.

Educational Services While compassionate care often extends to include euthanasia, Divine Hospice & Palliative Care's educational efforts are intended to help both the dying and their care providers with the necessary tools to make informed ethical choices based on state, federal and Christ-centered law. Divine Hospice supports choice based on the Directives of the USCCB's Ethical & Religious Directives for Christian Healthcare Providers. It does NOT believe or support physician (or other) assisted suicide.

Charitable Services Divine Hospice & Palliative Care has designed The Compassion Initiative™ to raise funds for our foundation. Our foundation’s purpose is to assist those who are unable to afford hospice and palliative services. Responding to care receivers who have indicated that they wish to get their “affairs in order” and would like to “connect” with family members, it also aids in re-connecting with distant family members and supporting our Making Memories Program. Another goal of The Compassion Initiative™ is to provide essential hospice services to priests, other religious ministers, indigent populations, uninsured patients or those without a payor source so no one has to face end-of -life without the care they need.

Divine Hospice & Palliative Care is a licensed as a Hospice by the State of Colorado and the Department of Public Health and Environment.

Embracing All Who Are In Need

Divine Hospice & Palliative Care serves as an advocate and a guardian of the faithful by assisting patients and their families in end of life decisions consistent with the teachings of Christianity. We care for people of all Faiths using the highest standard” of patient care, organizational excellence and a collaborative work environment.

What you can expect

  • Experience All staff specially trained in hospice offering over 150 years of combined experience
  • Home Service Service brought to you in the comfort of your own home
  • Responsive Return calls in less then 15 minutes
  • Low Wait Admissions in 2 hours or less
  • 24 Hour Support A real person will always be there to assist with needs who will call a nurse out if required.

We welcome the opportunity to share our experiences with you. Please Contact Us and allow us the privilege to discuss how we can be of benefit to you or your loved ones.

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