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When is the Right Time for Hospice?

Mar 21, 2019   Divine Hospice & Palliative Care

The moment you find out that you or a loved one have a life-limiting illness, time seems to stop while your mind processes the news. The look on your doctor’s face, their tone of voice, and the words used to tell you become permanently etched in your brain. For most, there’s a period of disbelief. This can’t be happening. This can’t be real. That disbelief quickly gives way to fear, not just for yourself, but for your loved ones. How am I going to tell them? What will happen to them? How will they handle this? These are natural thoughts, feelings and reactions, and there are many more. There is no easy way to walk this road, which is one of the many reasons that hospice care exists.


Many patients wait until a physician recommends hospice to initiate services, but the truth is that, as soon as certain criteria are met, patients can begin receiving the benefits of hospice. This article will help familiarize you with hospice care in Denver, as well as outline the eligibility requirements.


How Do I Know If Hospice is Right for Me or My Loved One?


There are several choices for hospice care in Denver. Knowing whether you or your loved one is ready for hospice is a choice that you must discuss, and it’s usually a choice best discussed before that care is needed. There’s a common factor that many patients don’t consider soon enough, and that is their quality of life as it nears its end. Life-limiting illnesses can cause several different types of symptoms, ranging from mild to severe. These symptoms often revolve around pain, nourishment, emotional status and the overall functions of the body as a whole.


No matter the patient’s age, hospice care in Denver is available for those who are in or quickly approaching what medical professionals determine will likely be the final six months of their journey of life. Those who work in the hospice care field make it their mission to help ease pain, provide comfort, see that daily needs are met, and ensure that loved ones are not only alleviated of bearing the burden of care alone, but that they are educated on the process, and have methods in place to cope with their grief and loss.  


A few questions to ask to determine if hospice care is right for you or your loved one:

  • Once treatment of this disease is no longer an option, what type of care would you like?
  • If your family intends to care for you at home, would you prefer them to have professional assistance?
  • Would you like assistance in managing the symptoms of this illness after curative treatment has ended?
  • Would you prefer that your family has assistance in coping with their stress, grief, and loss?


What Criteria Must Be Met to Receive Hospice Care in Denver?


Knowing when hospice care is appropriate helps ensure that you begin services at a time that will help you and your loved ones receive the most benefit possible. The first step is determining whether you or your loved one wants hospice care. If that answer is yes, then the next step is meeting the criteria. Once the criteria to qualify for hospice have been met, then you can initiate services.


As discussed above, there is a specific set of criteria, determined by Medicare, that must be met before hospice care services can be initiated. You can find those criteria below. If you are still uncertain as to whether you meet the requirements, please feel free to give Divine Hospice & Palliative Care in Denver a call at 303-357-2540. We will be happy to discuss your specific situation, as well as your options for care.

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